Interior Element

Excel system with the 3.5 m high tower element that draws mobile exhibition system EX POMADE its 3.5 m high tower from, which characterised the own trade fair stand as a central and distinctive design element. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. . Often conventional trade fair systems characterized by the use of flat beams and small standard sizes, so it rarely stands out with the crowd at trade fair stands in comparison to competitors. With an outstanding exhibition system element can put off not only by the competition, but at the same time bear the advertising message in the height and generate maximum attention, that leads the visitors to the stand. Such increased fair system components not are used however often, because the cost just in the construction and transport is avoided. The EX POMADE trade fair system can maximum mobility with its modular construction principle and yet provide a key element of the tower. Like all components of the system of fair, the tower can be disassembled completely and allows for easy transport, as well as an uncomplicated structure. Through the Central and prominent Tower element can the advertisement at each fair is best presented and visitors targeted attention to the own trade fair system. The open presentation area arises from the waiver on flat carrier, so that the entire design promotes an innovative appearance of especially the well known rental systems of the organiser differs from.

The unit solutions which are booked directly to the stand area to are laid out in a classic design with flat straps and thus allow no individual arrangement. Mobility and easy transportation of the EX POMADE of trade fair system a cheaper alternative to these systems allowed however because all the elements can be combined and the tower as a design element provides for an outstanding presentation. Also, the building without exhibition designers can be made so that no additional cost. Due to the modular principle can used the system in other fairs, because variable adapt in size can be. Adding or taking away of modular elements allows the simple size enlargement or reduction, depending on the space and budget and provides creative freedom. The tower as a design element the EX POMADE trade fair system is different from any other fair system.

The central advertising theme without interruptions can be presented with a height of 3.50 m and a width of 2 m. With the installation of lamps or lighting of the Tower the advertising message can be placed out through light effects even more. Also the Tower offers maximum stability for the entire system, and an open presentation area at each stand type so that no further elements are required, regardless of whether series corner or Kopfstand on your head is guaranteed. Common problem with fair systems is the non-existent storage space, which is important for the storage of brochures and promotional materials. The Interior of the tower can be used as storage space, which is entered by means of input on one side of the tower. Wallup system needs the pressure at the Tower page be interrupted not once, but can be a like a window shade and pull out.