HPRK Product

The value can be defined as the total benefit received by the buyer making a purchase, it makes it different from the price. It includes everything that the buyer believes the common good or benefit of a particular purchase. During demonstrations are to be achieved two objectives: awareness of the value of the buyer, the buyer and the creation of desire to own commodities. Buyers do not buy features, as a result of use. Specifications – it is something inherent in a product, then as a result of the use – is that this feature brings a buyer. To understand what is the result of the use for a particular buyer, agree on everything they have learned while to ascertain the needs, the characteristics of the goods. Clarification of needs shows that you should show during the demonstration.

The demonstration is based on several elements that should be followed by Throughout the presentation, namely, to hold the top of your arguments to deal with a late objection, to attract buyers to participate in the demonstration, create an aura of mystery around the product that enhances its attractiveness. The heart of the demonstration – the method of product presentation "feature-benefit is the result of the use-hook '(HPRK). This means that for each bundle HPRK choose one characteristics of goods, declared a possession advantage of this characteristic is defined by one result of the use that the buyer will bring this advantage, and offers a hook, or paraphrasing the result of the use of the interrogative form in order to obtain the consent of the buyer. HPRK can be constructed for any thing. This is a good way to organize your thoughts and keep entuziazm.Praktika Sales reveals it. Do not fall into the trap of comparing products: each product should be sold in accordance with its own characteristics.

The price difference can be explained by differences in materials and work. If buyers bring their own "experts" designed to evaluate your product, contact with the latter politely but firmly. Sell goods to the buyer, but at the same time obtain the consent of an "expert." Try not to criticize competing companies or manufacturers. Defamation of competitors' products can always be turned against you because your negative tone creates a negative atmosphere for shoppers. Your goal – to make each visitors into buyers, using only one reliable expert advice – your advice.

Last Modified on May 30, 2023
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