Gift Ideas For Christmas! Autographed Novels By Aileen P. Roberts

(Online how would it be with a signed novel, as a personal gift for your loved ones? You can specify the desired text by email and already lies something unique under the Christmas tree. All books are signed by the author personally! Following novels by Aileen P. Roberts are available: Rhiann – three exciting novels from the Scottish Highlands for adolescents and adults. Three self-contained novels Mara and the Highlandpony Rhiann. Lonely rides over the unpopulated Highlands, cosy evenings by the roaring peat fire and the magic of the first great love “Rhiann fog over the Highlands”,”Rhiann storm over the Highlands” and now brand new: “Meandering paths”. In Dionarah – the secret of Kells, the archaeology student Ceara makes an incredible discovery that changed her life during excavations in Ireland. A mysterious door in the tomb of a Celtic clan leader leads in a medieval-like world.

Fate of Ceara is really with connected to the Dionarahs? The daughter of the Moon takes you into the fascinating world of Rhivaniyas with elves, Druids, dragons, Dwarves and adventure of lots of. Yana and her friends learn a lot about friendship, love, and betrayal on their perilous journey. In the Christmas night shop, you get also cups next to Celtic lucky stones with their favorite subject. Visit our website – there is certainly something! Cuillin Publisher Lange Claudia ring RT 28 91356 Church Ebrahim Tel: 09191-979870 E-Mail: Web: