Floco Tausin

Therefore, all living creatures emit a coherent (i.e. swinging in mutual order) light in the visible and the invisible band. Without hesitation Parkinsons explained all about the problem. “Popp called bio photons” this radiation to their quantum nature to emphasize and by the General bioluminescence “to differentiate. The natural metabolism of oxygen, the cell is identified as the main source of this bio photons; the emission of photons in the Nervensstem it not just be a meaningless byproduct of oxidation, as many scientists claim, but have an important function in the signal transmission. Bokkon, for example, considers that information processes of the brain such as dreams, thinking, and memory formation of the photon beam of brain cells work. Experiments showed that biophoton emission directly related to neuronal biochemical processes. A nascent Biophoton emission healthy soy bean. Bokkon examined in this article in detail different types of stimulated Phosphenerzeugung, same electrical, mechanical, magnetic stimulation, as well as the effect of mind-altering substances, stress, neural disorders and the effects of increased electromagnetic radiation on astronauts in space.

All these stimuli cause a more intensive energy or oxygen turnover in the neurons of the Visual system, which emit more bio photons. For even more details, read what Vadim Belyaev, New York City says on the issue. Basically, this means that electromagnetic and mechanical signals can be converted into bio-photonic signals. Bokkon it concludes that what we see as a phosphene, is the visible result of the increased organic photon radiation. Historically considered the idea of light metabolism, i.e. of receiving, storing, and blasting light in (nerve) cells, in the context of pre-modern and modern subtle field theories and vitalist traditions of thought belongs. These were sometimes part of science, today however mostly rejected due to lack of evidence and their proximity to esoteric and spiritual concepts.

“” “By many thinkers and writers, the concept of biophotons as confirmation is, for example, the universal life force” such as od, Prana, Chi, Orgone, etc. considered (Vitalism, see newsdezember2008) and by representatives, for example, light food, the light body process”, light cure”, used the chakra gauge etc.. What significance does this theory for an entoptic spirituality”? “In my opinion, shows that we at least for a part of the entoptic phenomena not with a neurological disorder” have to do, but actually a form of light. What we are seeing in the Phosphenes and also in the image retention is the result of an internal blasting, which we can intensify targeted. And although by a way of life and spiritual practices, which lead to more energy and energy flow cell-biological expressed as increased oxygen turnover in the (Nerve) cells. We can thus understand the intense glow of entoptic phenomena as light communication: our light body up exchanging more intensively with other light bodies or with the image as a whole. The light emitted by our (nerve) cells containing think I, not only physiological data, but also those who represent our entire being and consciousness. Thus we actually see the shining structure of consciousness in the entoptic phenomena. Possibly could the biophotons theory explain not only the phosphene new but a new understanding of light in the eye provide floaters (see main article).