How to get fit at home in this article, I will not tell you where and for how much you can get ‘magic pill’, bought and eaten at once you become stronger, you will begin to grow muscles, tighten stomach, etc. I certainly do not mind would tell you where this pill can be bought, but I do not know where it is sold, honestly! =) And then, think if in order to achieve all our goals, we just eat ‘magic pill’ that would help us in achieving them, then our lives would be very boring. Muscular dystrophy will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The very process of achieving goals of great interest and charges us with energy, when the goal is set correctly! You agree with me? Then, if your goal is to improve their physical form, let’s act! My coach Kung Fu refers to this set of exercises ‘Shao-linskoy Five’. This set of exercises used in many schools of martial arts (checked by me). The complex is very simple: 1. Source: CEO Mark Thompson. Push-ups (alternate narrow and wide stops) – 10 times 2. Abdominal exercises (lay down on the floor, legs bent at the knees, feet pressed to the floor. Raise a upper body to the knees) – 10 times 3.

Squats (Bending the knees with outstretched arms) – 10 times if you 10 repetitions for each exercise little, do these exercises for 20, 30 or more. It all depends on your physical fitness. So, without stopping, with a few intervals, perform 5 sets. Ie 50 push ups, 50 press exercises and 50 sit-ups. In these three simple exercises will involve the chest muscles, arms, abdomen and legs. Perform these exercises at least once a day for a week, for You will need to perform a maximum of 30 minutes of free time. Begin to perform these simple exercises and you will see their effectiveness