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As a result, the innovative idea was more common among fitness models, and now in this category is more frequent rollers with soft boots. This item is frame metal or plastic (sometimes referred to as composite). Metal frames are made of alloys, which are the basis for aluminum and magnesium. Their distinguishing feature is the so-called stiffness. It is expressed in the fact that when riding on roller skates with metal frame, all the force that you apply for to push off and get up to speed, fully spent just for overclocking.

On the other hand, this type with the same enthusiasm transfers to your feet all the vibration from the uneven surface. Plastic (composite) frames are made primarily of nylon (nylon), glass fiber (fiberglass) or carbon (carbon composite). The advantage of the materials used is their 'flexibility'. Feet in roller frames with less fatigue due to vibrations, and to break or bend a frame quite difficult. In recent years, many manufacturers began to produce movies with movable frames. This makes it possible to replace only the broken part to the new without having to buy new skates. In addition, some companies offer alternative to purchasing several individual pairs of rollers for different types of skating. According to them, it is possible to avoid buying a replacement just a few frames in order to convert videos for a trip whether high-speed slalom driving or off-road.

Wheels Wheels are distinguished primarily by two parameters – is the diameter and rigidity (the difference is in the profile of the wheel, but to address this issue so deeply in this case, we will not). Typically, these parameters are written on the side of the wheel, as in the case of automobile tires. Labelling is as follows – 78/80A (figures vary), where the combination of the first two numbers indicate the diameter of the wheel, in millimeters, and the second two digits with the letter 'A' at the end indicate the hardness of the material in relative units.

Last Modified on June 16, 2020
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