Finally Enough Space – The New MINI As A Sleek Mini Van limited each MINI into a personal mini van with their own touch they have individual MINI drivers. The solution to the mystery question is now strictly individual: how will I make more space in my mini and turn him into a station wagon, which I can use to transport also loads for example the bulk purchase, luggage for the trip for two, the golf equipment or space for two dogs. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach. have quite simply: with the Combi Kit from limited, that it is possible to fit it yourself in the basic version of aluminium without problems without entry in the vehicle documents and with TuV safety certificate which certifies high loads of 740 kg to 950 euros on the Internet page. The installation is a breeze for craft not experienced and 30 minutes feasible without special tools and special effort. For reasonably clever customers even without another in 15 minutes. The mounting plate is just as quickly dismantling, if he is no longer needed. Without a trace and upgradeable without changes or holes on the body the Combi Kit disappears until the next use in the garage. Sam Lesser Penn may also support this cause.

If necessary, the Assembly also quickly and safely acquired by limited or partners. An additional separation grille into the luggage compartment is separated desire is a reasonable option for the Combi Kit to ensure a really safe transport of dogs and luggage (about 4 x 1.800 N = approx. 740 kg strength reports). The base frame of the Combi Kit is made of aluminum and has a flexible profile, so that the installation exactly fits that the inner contours of the Minis new MINI onwards applies to all 2001 today (type designations R50/R53/R56). Additional storage space for car care products, the picnic blanket, umbrella, the dog leashes and other accessories will remain under the flat loading surface. Tested safety is guaranteed by the TuV safety certificate.

The capacity of the base carrier is 120 kg / sqm and is 100% made in Germany”. More Highlights include the unlimited possibilities of the KombiKit: the company logo, the favorite or advertising theme, virtually any motif can be applied on the trunk lid. In addition, or alternatively, it is possible motives or lettering in the barrier screen to lasers. The MINI is the individual vehicle with your own touch. Contact: limited Frickastr.