Eliminating Obesity

If these thinking about beginning a diet to eliminate your obesity, try to read the following article that spoke of the moments and situations that you must avoid in order that your diet does not transform into a complete failure the obesity have many causes, some of them are you disorder of feeding, social boredom, causes, psychological causes and other diseases. Causes of obesity – Social Causes To eat food when it is attended social events, example: meals forced during events, official pressure of the pairs, and encounter. Causes of Obesity – Emotional Causes To eat to avoid the boredom, tire, depression, stress, tension, solitude and wrath. Causes of Obesity SituacionalesComer Causes according to the situation, to eat for example when you happen through outside a ice-cream shop or restaurant, to eat while these watching only like a diversion aggregate. Causes of Obesity – Physiological Causes To eat due to physical or medical causes.

damage or cerebral tumor, syndrome of Kleine- Levin, bulimia nervous, diabetes mellitus is some of causes of exogenous obesity. Some Solutions For the problem of the Obesity to prevent the Obesity first that you must do, are not to eat constantly, a good idea is to develop alternative to eat when it is necessary. In social contexts we can avoid to eat foods with the excuse of disease, routine of diets or treatment, if your you are impulsive to eat you can eat salads, or very small portions. In order to avoid to eat by emotional situations, he listens to music, to read books, to speak with friendly, to play games (nintendo, playstation) or to practice sports, the situacionales causes only can be avoided by dedication and will. To eat due to physiological causes can be reduced to take the appropriate medication or to practice yoga. Original author and source of the article