What is dandruff? One of the most awkward things that can happen at the moment to try to look good, is to have dandruff. Not only many people suffer from dandruff in these days, but many of these people do not even know what is dandruff really, and they could be having a very wrong idea in this regard. nformation. What is known as dandruff is actually a process that possess it all persons, except in the case of those who suffer from those white flakes in your hair, is carried out in a more intense way. Professor Roy Taylor contains valuable tech resources. But we split. Real dandruff is the process of losing dead cells of the skin that are generated in our scalp.

You see, each person generates a certain amount of skin cells and then they die after a given period of time. To perceive these dead cells, our body opts to dispose of them by driving them our body by the outermost layer of skin and then allow that the environment and the air handle take them. This natural process of disposal, from birth until the death of the cells of the skin, it lasts a month approximately. Cells are deleted so orderly and tiny, the entire process is transparent to the common eye. In short, we could say that dandruff is a totally natural process. Both breathe or digestion. However, here comes the problem: in the case of many people (more of which they could imagine), the organic trend is to make the process of discarded cells of the skin in a way faster and more intense.

These people do not make the process about a month, but in a couple of weeks. This means that an overproduction of skin cells and therefore there is a huge need for the body to eliminate them as quickly as possible to give way to the following cells to come. So it is that what should be tiny dots, they end up being constants (a large grouping of dead skin cells) and large white flakes that end up wrapped in our hair or landing on our shoulders. Dandruff can be very embarrassing and frustrating for people who suffer from it. However, knowing what the dandruff really is and what its true cause, you can start to treat it effectively naturally and remove it from our lives to be sure of not having to think about it never more or feel embarrassed in front of others.

Last Modified on July 4, 2024
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