Classroom Environment

Where the man is inserted is basic to collaborate with its formation as well as its personality. This goes to provide to scientific experiences and a good performance of the mind. The environment that Montessori defended was not only a pedagogical didactic environment, was an environment that the child allowed to all grow with the considered universe and also chemical preparation for its learning. In an environment where the room is overheated the majority of the activities is produced in groups, can have behavior oscillation. When it had problem of relationship between pupils, could also have a difficulty to on account skirt the situation of the emotional disequilibrium provoked by the heat. The high temperature of the body develops aggressiveness, anxiety, repulses impatience and desconcentrao in room. The classroom as social environment and places aprendente front the situations that must face to have a balance in its organism that permeia the behavior and welfare as well as its conviviality with the next one. to interact with the colleague in classroom in extreme conditions, requires a welfare mental physicist and who the environment provides.

The thermal sensation of the room always left the pupils with aspects of tired, for being sweated, wet clothes, leaving them with badly mood. Valley to stand out that some respiratory illnesses are developed in environments thus, hot and the man is the wronged greater. When arriving at the classroom it was perceived evaporation of the sweat of the pupils suspended in air. E, this if gave for not having a draft. The movement of air assists in the evaporation and cools the skin. One of the professors of the school to skirt the situation of the hot room, always took off the pupils of the group for another room or the patio of the school. Some times, the lessons had happened in the library, where it placed the video or in the patio when they made the practical ones of the lessons. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Sussman here.