Can We Shape The Future?

The forecasts of the science for the future are not encouraging. The extent of destruction on the land, in the sea and in the air is big, unimaginably big. “The mechanisms that have led to this destruction and continue every day, seem so untouchable, as immutable, that many think: what can I do as a man, as a single woman already against it?” And yet, it seems almost like in the old fairy tale or those from more recent times. Almost powerless and small compared to the Giants is the hope on the individual people, the brave like Frodo and Sam, which destroy the old ring of power. It’s as easy as in the fairy tale? We can actually shape the future and most importantly how? To the Atlantis natural and environmental Film Festival and Naturefund organize a discussion evening in the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden. On Wednesday evening, the 14 to 20:00, a panel of experts in the Caligari is gathered to talk exactly about this topic and the possibilities of design with. Including Ariane Hildebrandt, film and television editor for Greenpeace, which published numerous documentaries on environmental and human rights issues, Bertram Verhaag, Director of the oft-quoted movie ‘ Percy Schmeiser David versus Monsanto’, a true and current story about genetic engineering and a Canadian farmer who prevailed with courage, integrity and above all stamina against the seed company Monsanto.

Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund protecting habitats worldwide and renaturalized, and Dr. Matthias zur Bonsen, management consultant and specialist in the question of how you take in large groups of processes of change. In his most recent book is busy zur bonsen, inter alia, how companies can find back to their own vitality. The evening will be moderated by Dorit Becker, radio editor at the SWR. But the most important player is still not called in this evening. It should be so that the solutions to the challenges, we all stand before them, not in the mechanisms can be found, but in humans, then the most important actor is the audience this evening, then, there are the ideas and impulses that come from the people. Therefore want to film festival and Naturefund stimulate a discussion even Atlantis this evening and perhaps start a process, a process, the result of which has not yet been defined. In the run-up to the discussion of the running movie ‘ Percy Schmeiser David versus Monsanto’. More information on the discussion: discussion more information to the film: david-monsanto photo material to the Atlantis Film Festival you will find under: press news Katja Wiese, Naturefund e.V.