Buy Mascot? But Be Careful!

Buy mascot? Here, there are some tips. Daryl Katz, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. If you want to create to a mascot, you should be aware of a few important things. We assist with helpful advice. The design of the first step in the realization of your mascot is the design. If you decide to design your mascot itself, are the most important tips here: the human proportions, when the design. It is helpful to think to get an impression, whether the costume is wearable the image of a man on your own design. When designing a mascot, it is advisable to ensure that the wearer of a possible large vision has field. A big smile or an open mouth to increase the Visual field of the carrier? Life your creativity from: A professional designer team translates your design into an impressive result.

If you now go on to purchase of your mascot, some important considerations to keep in mind are the purchase. ion. 1. many people buy their mascot on the Internet at low prices, for example in Asia. These mascots look mostly very good on a small photo, but this rarely true in reality, when you actually get the mascot. (There also are known cases, where the customer never received a mascot.

Here, then, the misery begins for you. When unpacking the new mascot will then quickly clearly why the photo on the Internet was just so small. The attached details are then often just cut fabric scraps and remnants of the adhesive are visible everywhere. Often the mascot in too small crates shipped to save transport costs. This has for example a deformed head result that never again put back in the original form can be. The last and perhaps most important reason to buy a mascot not in Asia is produced mostly by Asian sizes. It is obvious that they do not correlate with the average European body construction.