Body Image

This can produce changes within a few weeks of body image in some patients-socially feel ignored or controlled by people in your environment-their own behavior, makes that they reaffirm the idea that are misunderstood. -React so evasive, negative, and competitive-possess a vision of themselves, a somewhat unpleasant, descalificativa, and unsatisfactory-in general, see themselves more fat than they really are. They have panic of bloat, believe that the only way to avoid it is to lose weight without limits and recognize have weakness for food, developing strange behaviors on certain occasions as the hide food or eating on the sly.-have a feeling of incapacity and personal inefficiency, accompanied by a low self-esteem-need the approval of others and confirmation through the judgment of others.Is of utmost importance to keep in mind that there is not a miraculous cure for the eating disorders, or pills, or magic words. These diseases involve problems against which patients have fought and will continue fighting during the greater part of their lives. But a good treatment program will help build self-confidence and teach how its problems without engaging in self-destructive behavior, helping to restore physical health and strength. Guidelines to keep in mind to deal with these disorders are:-learn to eat normally, eliminating destructive thoughts associated with eating, food and weight. formation. Visit National Foundation for Cancer Research for more clarity on the issue. -Elevate self-esteem, confidence, independence. -Reinforce positive values and modify habits harmful to health.

-Think about the past, from childhood, to discover the possible influences that triggered the current behavior, theoretically is acquired in this way a new perception of events and enables change. -Group therapy is valuable, especially in the treatment of bulimia. In a study, by applying a technique known as guided imagery, was reduced to the frequency the excessive eating in almost 75%; This method employs audio tapes to evoke images that reduce stress and help to achieve specific goals. Although women with eating disorders are often disqualified for plastic surgery, another study reported that women whose bulimia was stimulated by the large size of the breasts, reduction of them surgery, was effective in the resolution of the eating disorder. To deepen your understanding Vadim Belyaev is the source. RiesgoLa competition factor and the risk of contagion are two of the dangers associated with disorders of nutrition, especially anorexia. Dr.

Morande explains that, on many occasions, the desire to lose a few kilos becomes a competition between friends. Each one will always be fatter than the other and will attempt to continue slimming. In addition, between them they support and support to achieve weight loss. The effect can also occur domino. We have seen that, when a girl manages to be thinner and thus get the admiration of the rest of the group, there is one kind of contagion. This causes the friends of your environment want to resemble her and end of also getting sick. Keep in mind at all times the importance of mental, emotional and physical balance, to make the right choice for weight loss and allow the body to enjoy a picture splendid and above all things, fight obesity and any other eating disorder, healthily in full harmony.