Life remains however, as it now is: an experience study with a fairly wide spectrum, which from pain to joy, from the alone being pulls up to the loneliness, from the experience of separation up to the standard experience as such. What is at stake here, really, is the fact that we can clearly see the possibility, the potential of our freedom of movement and also our real and genuine need through clarity can ask ourselves sincerely if we really want it. And we also aware what a price is, we for the respective path for reaching the each goal must pay. And we are also aware of the consequence of bringing the respective decision. Which is here meant by simplicity, it is the approach of objectivity which focus is attained through a simplification of the viewing through the simplicity and intentional limitation of the question.

In this respect, I found that when I come to the BereitSchaft, fair to ask me what I really want, the answer is yet far more concrete than I expected theoretically. A good example here is the question: what is a loving approach? “, perhaps in a specific disease situation.” The maze of complexity here now tells me that it is important to diagnose the disease, to do the best for or even against the disease. Apart from that I can, theoretically go to one hundred different doctors to get here at least ten various interchangeable diagnoses, is also the Rangehensweise I must know everything once carefully”in itself already from the ursprungliChen question of the loving dealing at this moment of me wegfuhrend. This question is in itself already essential and need in my opinion no additional information to be provided and beantwortet. It is easy and concrete and by their simplicity also only apply a simple and a drastic response. (Source: Tom Florio). This is the simplicity which is meant here and what the world, the way, the decision in a dual system of either or leaves.