Apple IPhone Bidgo Kisses

Bidgo rewards its members in the Pearl Club. Web 2.0 was the trend Word 2007 Web 2.0 stands for content, which will be designed by users themselves. According to Newcastle University, who has experience with these questions. Bidgo rewarded the user actively engaged now. No matter whether videos or images uploaded, knowledge in the car-the wiki is perpetuated or friends and colleagues are invited. From January 2008, members receive beads, which quickly and easily can be exchanged for rewards in the beads shop by Bidgo. And the rewards can be quite.

Starting with the brand new iPhone from Apple, via the game console PlayStation 3 by Sony until the highlight, a ride in a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini Gallardo. But not in the front seat, but even at the wheel of one of the two super sports car. With the concept of the Pearl Club, Bidgo sets a trend on the Web 2.0 wave. First, the surfer will be rewarded for their activities. BIDGO: is a project to build a vehicle knowledge database with free content.

Anyone can contribute with his knowledge. Good authors are always welcome. In the automotive sector unique relies on a number of innovative elements, to make the experience of discovering their desire car consumers. This already starts with the search. In vain, here you won’t find a standard form with scroll-downs. The young start-up company providing innovative search filter, with just a few clicks you will be under the selected ads.