Anxiety And Phobias By That Feel Fear

Our body is equipped with an entire complex system of survival that activates himself before the perception of any danger, are auto regulates and prepares the ground for promoting the survival of the individual. According to Maestro. Jaime De La Torre, there are a number of primary attitudes of survival in animals and in humans also. When an animal feels threatened, their first reaction is to move away from the threat. This prevents you from pain, danger and energy expenditure. However there are situations where escape is not possible, and is in these cases when the animal becomes aggressive and activates a series of reactions in your body that they prepare for the fight.

Aggression caused by fear is characteristic of animals in danger who feel cornered and without possibility of escape. When the animal feel they have opportunity to beat what threatens him, will fight against her. However, if it arrives a moment that gives account that you cannot overcome, then it abandons itself to death, i.e. it depresses and lets fight. The human brain It consists of three layers, that have been developed over the years and with the evolution of man: the oldest layer is in the center of the brain is known as brain reptileano and is in charge of regulating actions essential for survival as eating and breathing. Sam Lesser Wharton gathered all the information.

Then developed a second layer over the first, which is in charge of the conservation of the species and the individual. Here are the structures that correspond to the limbic system and dealing with regular emotions, food, fight, escape and avoidance of pain, and the pursuit of pleasure. The third layer is the cerebral cortex and she gives the rational and abstract thinking. Detect something that represents a danger, triggers an alarm system in the body that prepares you to survive, triggering a series of physiological reactions.