ZDF Film

The ZDF film “Tipple is nich – seven views of the Ruhr area” showing 7 episodes from the Ruhr area – look 7 by Anna Wahle: the Andes of the Ruhr area ‘ with the lamas from Beate splendor with the Ruhr. 2010 – kick off celebrations also Bill had is not seven views of the Ruhrgebiet its premiere. The ZDF film shows seven episodes out of the station. The entertaining stories from the present “Ruhrpott” stretch an arc of a multicultural garden plot about a gangster rapper to an animal enterprises, where the employees are five Lamas. The premiere of Bill is nich”found authentically on Zeche Zollverein in the opening ceremony to the capital of Culture Ruhr. 2010″ took place. At the public screening on the big screen the filmmakers, unlike in television, saw directly, such as the film the audience arrived.

Then there was a round of talk with the filmmakers, their teams and the present performers, including Beate were asked splendor, on the stage and presented. The film was shown five times before full Hall before an enthusiastic audience. For the capital of Culture year, seven young filmmakers/inside have Ruhr. 2010 unusual Ruhr stories made into movies. The episodes are a fun and exciting work together.

The film came very well with the public and the broadcast was accompanied by many laughter. Companies in seven episodes entertaining Ruhr stories are told, by the multicultural garden plot, the gangster rapper Sinan G up to an animal”, in which the employees are five llamas. The filmmaker Anna Wahle has their episode the Andes of the Ruhr area”for the quiet moments of the film. She has accompanied three days splendor and their llamas Beate. At the beginning of the film the native Gelsenkirchenerin and Lama expert remembers the time when worked her grandfather in the mining and daily swept soot from the window sills. Today, it offers Llama Trekking on the former coal slag heaps. The heaps are lushly decorated, forested, and popular recreation areas in the station. Each pile has a landmark Summit. The Bottrop tetrahedron is a well-known example. The lamas have made these dumps the “Andes of the Ruhr area”. The film crew wandered in the course of filming with the lamas at the Summit of coal slag heap Runge mountain and accompanied a Lama therapy with elderly and senior citizens of Essen’s St. Francis senior PIN. “The film Bill is not seven looks on the Ruhr area” was created within the framework of the small would (ZDF). The film was commissioned by ZDF the company produced made in Germany. The date of broadcast television is not yet known.