Winter Olympics State

We are not responsible for emotions, but what we do with the emotions.Jorge Bucay wasted much time, in not paying attention on the important thing is to know how to handle our energies, our capabilities which have bequeathed us to appear in this dimension, be attentive and surprise us, we stay than as authentic and have not left us to pollute by persuasion that others can generate us. The Doctor of philosophy Daniel Goleman (1995) makes us reference about the flow of work of Mihaly Csiksszentmihalyi, psychologist at the University of Chicago that during two decades of research has gathered testimonies of optimum performance and has the case of Diane Roffe Steinrotter, who won a medal in skiing at the 1994 Winter Olympics, who said that at the conclusion of their participation in a ski race, who could not remember anything except be immersed in relaxation: I felt like a cascade. How many times you found in that State? do paid you attention to? do this, what felt? how to explain it? did feel tired in doing some work that was fully identified?, would be some questions that you could do. The truth, that in the flow as Goleman, says emotions are not only contained and channeled, but are positive, are stimulated and aligned with the immediate task. Become trapped in boredom and depression (as often happens) or the agitation of anxiety means to be excluded from the flow. However, the flow (or a more subdued microflujo) is an experience that almost everyone has from time to time, especially when it reaches optimum performance or reaches beyond its boundaries that were established at the beginning. Since then, says Goleman, flow is a State of forgetfulness of self, the opposite of the pondering and concern, the person who is in a State of flux is so absorbed in the task that is making you lose awareness of itself and leaves the small concerns – health, accounts, including concern about doing things well in everyday life.