Dimensions can be assessed approximately three meters in diameter. On the height of flight is difficult to judge, however, seems to me that the object was flying not very high – hardly had he seemed so big, if the distance was very great. That evening, the ufo seen many people of Kiev. The newspaper reports appeared about him and related comments, they were given some simple explanation – the witnesses, it seemed not too convincing. Two years later I met with an even more surprising phenomenon – of anything like me never had neither heard nor read. Until now, I can not find him any plausible explanation, I just want to note that it has appeared at the time of acute interest in ghosts and flying dishes. At that time I was on vacation together with his son in one of the boarding houses of Odessa, where mostly rested mothers with children of different ages. On the morning of pension emptied – who went to the beach, who went on a tour of the city.

At the end of the day, tired of the sea and sun, tourists gathered in the dining room. After supper, the parents usually lay down to rest, and kids, left to itself, poured into the courtyard. The oldest girl was twelve years old – she was ringleader in all sorts of pranks. The girl was just obsessed with all unusual, and under the leadership of the children until late at night looking in the bushes and bring aliens. From time to time in the darkness floated ghostly figures dressed in white sheets, and overhead flew some items, after which came the sound of breaking glass.

All these shenanigans have met with joyful cries: 'Oh, ghost', 'fly, fly! ". One evening when I managed to doze off, the yard came a particularly loud cries, and the whole crowd burst into my room. In a terrible excited son demanded that I immediately went out into the street, arguing that hangs over the house of 'flying saucer'. I fought back as best I could, because he did not believe it. But son continued to insist, and I had to get up. Remains of sleep instantly flocking as soon as I turned on the porch. My entire life experience had protested against what I witnessed. On the black sky hung a large, perfectly round moon, and right in the middle of its cut thin silver line. – See? – Whispered to his son. The others were silent. This encounter with something unusual to get kids to quiet down.