Web Developer

Unfortunately there is a term that companies tend to be confused, when they say that they are looking for a Web Designer. In computer terms, the Web Designer is one who creates a website using Web languages, such as HTML / CSS. The designer, are in reality programming in a language, but the results are Visual: a Web page. On the street, this is the case, companies seeking Web designers, capable of handling HTML, CSS, however there is a percentage that is who are the real knowledge of what is the true definition of Web Designer. A Web Designer, as you said the word should know design, especially graphic design. Uses tools and image management programs, i.e.

Design / create images for a Web page. This is the real Web Designer, however as pointed earlier, most still think that the Web Designer is one who manages programming languages. In a certain way is true, since the results are Visual, but inwardly his work is to program in a language. On the other hand is the Web Developer. East if it is pure programmer, both internally (can program in a language such as Javascript or PHP), and externally (how to make a form work, for example). The differences between the two, is that the designer must always be guided by their creativity, while the programmer more uses the hard part of the brain to find solutions..