Visual Deficient Pupil

In accordance with information of the Wikipdia, the eye is the responsible agency for the vision in the human being. It has anteroposterior diameter of 24,15 millimeters, dimetros approximately horizontal and vertical to the level of the equator of approximately 23,48 millimeters, circumference to the equator of 75 millimeters, weighs 7,5 grams and has volume of 6,5cm. An agency so small that offers an infinite gamma of possibilities of studies on it. It would be possible to write on the anatomy, the histologia, the formation of images, the colors, the riots of refraction, the illnesses, the causes of the illnesses, the disgnostic of the illnesses, the prevention of the illnesses, the curiosidades and as much other information. It would practically be impossible to write everything on inclusion. This subject opens a fan of possibilities for studies as: what it is inclusion, when the movements for the inclusion, social inclusion, inclusion of deficient people, the society had started and inclusion, the family and the inclusion and so on. A professor who to receive deficient a pupil visual will be able to feel one how much in such a way perplexed when looking for information that can help it in the process of inclusion of this pupil.

For where to start to search? To who to ask for aid? Who is the responsible greater for this pupil? The reply it is simple. As &#039 is written in the Bible; ' a child conduzir' '. Its visual deficient pupil is its bigger problem at that moment. But, ' ' a treasure exists to be discovered in each problema' '. If the problem seems to be the visual deficient pupil, the solution of the problem also meets in it. It searchs information with the parents of the pupil, knows if it presents congenital visual deficiency or if he lost the vision after the birth, when and as if he gave this.