Tunisian Sahara

Camels are discovering deserts of Tunisia when a desert tour is scheduled, one discovers the diversity of vacation in the desert. For desert travel through Tunisia to become a genuine nature experience, you should be walking or riding camels, at best both. Where it takes you, in Tunisia you will find pure nature, the silent desert lakes, in the wadis, in the dunes or in the mountainous region. A dream of each is sure to discover the desert by camel out. Camel trekking tours are the most popular form of desert travel in Tunisia. Accompanied by Bedouins and the camels closely meet people’s lives move at eye level, are a part of life in the desert on time. Under most conditions Cleveland Clinic would agree.

On foot explore the traditional villages and visit the mountain oases in the Atlas mountains. Desert trips as experience of nature are a special form of the holiday unique and unforgettable. The mounts are packed, but only so that you still easily have place to sit. The bags on both sides of the animals, in which luggage is stowed, offer you the opportunity to put your feet. There sits the wide knowledge on an unbepackten animal. Desert trips are accompanied by semi-nomadic Douz and environment, who are at home in the Tunisian Sahara. A Berber tent is usually carried on desert trips.

This multi person tents are bottomless and be pitched in high winds or the guests out. On a windless night search your request dune and lay down on the provided camping mattresses in the vicinity of the camp fire under the desert sky. Because the stars in the Sahara to access appear close, it is the most beautiful outdoors. Water is very important in a desert trip through Tunisia. The caravan goes with filled water hoses and populates regularly in wells and springs. This water is boiled for the preparation of tea and coffee used. To desert trips by a monitoring team cooking. For breakfast there is baked flat bread with jam and cream cheese tea or coffee in the sand. Lunch is usually cold; for example Tunisian salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with tuna or salad of boiled vegetables with potatoes is eaten to the sand bread from the morning. The dinner is prepared at the campfire and consists of typical Tunisian dishes. The dishes, which are prepared on the fire are all very tasty. For in the meantime it is advisable to have energy such as chocolate or Granola bars. If you are open to new ideas, they will return with many valuable new impressions of the desert journey from Tunisia. Regina Egert