It lacks, gourmet foods and there is no custom of lavish meal. Cooking in Transcarpathia, primarily directed at ensuring disability and health. The kitchen has a basic framework for local foods and raw materials, and so in some areas it has features and variations of the same dishes. Here's an example: in the mountainous areas of the vast majority of dishes are prepared from potatoes, corn flour, cabbage, mushrooms, dairy products, which is precisely in this area produced in abundance. And in low-lying areas, where more than a mild climate that is so well suited for vegetable and cereal crops, cook a lot more dishes with wheat flour and various vegetables. Meat dishes, in Transcarpathia, made from lamb, pork, beef and various poultry (ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys). Donald Sussman can aid you in your search for knowledge.

For the majority of dishes typical of the Carpathian combining the different foods, as animal and vegetable origin, the preparation of these dishes are tested on an old home recipes that are passed from generation to generation. Culinary processing products obtained combined, it is that first crude product, be it animal or vegetable origin, no matter lightly fried, and only then subjected to more prolonged heat treatment, For example: cooking, baking, or fire. With these characteristics in the preparation of home-cooked meals, has long been linked, and features local dishes (Kazanka cooking, pans for frying – deep and shallow, low pottery for the subsequent fire – it's all sorts of Glechik, bowls, cups, Makitra). Technological methods of cooking attract attention: chopping, cross-section, and numerous other ways grinding of food, particularly meat. Hence it becomes clear why in the Carpathian area is prepared so many different rolls, zavivantsev in the local dialect, stuffed dishes, kruchenyky with minced meat and "sichenikov." In Transcarpathia recipes and craft passed on from mother to daughter, and so from generation to generation, it was on this historic custom kitchen of this region has retained its identity and personality traits, and vintage and unique recipes have survived almost intact. One of these features is a special love for spicy dishes Transcarpathians. People in Transcarpathia, preparing food, use lots of herbs and spices. Very popular here black pepper, paprika, savory, thyme, garlic, parsley, cumin and red pepper.