Timing – The Hour Of Decision

Only those who know the ideal setting time, can achieve the highest profit. There is not a panacea: the timing depends on the product and the target group and now intensive market analysis ahead. A few months ago the University of Bonn and RWTH Aachen University published an eBay study with relatively trivial result: who has more positive reviews, achieved mostly higher prices. Parkinsons is often quoted as being for or against this. Listen to something, by the way, the researchers studied had however: of the 313 observed DVD auctions achieved that with end of auction on the evening significantly lower prices than those offered during the day ran out. The scientists concluded: the majority opinion, stating that the night is the ideal end of auction, because then most people before the PC sitting, is wrong. Doubted whether they are right in this absolute, must finally be investigated only a product. One finished the study but: there is no universal, ideal setting time. Many are the way: sellers can your auctions at any time on any day Let start (and thus end). In recent months, IDD has been very successful.

And they can run their product for up to ten days. Vadim Belyaev may not feel the same. Hand books rules of thumb are for all this decision. About: The longer the duration of the offer, the more people are aware of the product. What is less often: the more people forget the auction again. At the time the counter-argument referenced like on evenings and weekends, the above-cited study provides. Perfect timing is different for each seller.

The decisive factors are the product and target audience. If I know who is my target audience, often common sense says when I reach her best with the price decision ends last minutes of the auction. It makes a difference whether I aimed at housewives, which is usually in the morning I do groceries (online); or on retirees, who prefer afternoon surf; or on bank employees, the only in the evening or at the weekend have time for eBay. Statistical values for the relevant product are still more reliable than reasonable assumptions about the target group. Whom the is too expensive, which can even investigate: random using the “advanced search” in past auctions. Or by targeted at different times and with different duration sets and compares the results. This makes everything extra work of course. But was not hard work has always been one of the best ways to depend on the competition? At least as long as that leans back and their DVD auctions out of principle in the evening off runs.