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In this direction, the author citadoacima, understands that the world meets organized in subespaos articuladosdentro of a global logic. Due to increasing regional specialization, with osinmeros flows of all the types, intensities and directions have of saying of circuitosespaciais of produo14 and not more regional decircuitos of production. It is what the related author calls productive deespecializao, that depends on bigger insertion of science and datecnologia so that it increases the number, the intensity and the quality of fluxosque arrive and leave this space. In short, it passes to be created umatendncia to the increase of the movement derived from the relative reduction of the preosdos transports, of its quality, diversity and amount. It grows enormementeo number of products, merchandises and people circulating, increasing aimportncia of the exchanges, therefore they not only diversify themselves as if they augment. on

atividades to the setortercirio To the one leaning over in them on Moreira (2002), we understand that the tertiary sector of the economy is the sector that, in the industrialization ones, tends to use most of the man power and correspondence commerce and to the services, as transport, education, health, financial communication estimate. Thus being, according to author citadoacima, had to the development of new technologies and computerization, tertiary osetor is what it has presented an accented growth more we nosltimos years. The secondary sector, generally, has adopted technology Diasporas of man power, making with that good part of these workers migrepara the tertiary one, however, this force of work that migra, now to necessitaexercer a more creative work instead of executing mechanical tasks. Of this form, the related setorassume decisive importance, particularly with the services of research, aproduo of technology, the propaganda and marketing15, beyond the commerce. It is the chamadaterceirizao daeconomia, where the tertiary sector starts to command the too much sectors, to autilizar the biggest parcel of the busy man power and to answer for the greater parteda production of wealth of the countries.

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