Worldwide Peace

Worldwide peace and no more hunger. The solution? -Renewable cash 1974 I participated, in Darmstadt, Germany, together with my friend GERD, Argentine television in a meeting, committed apart with holistic healing methods. With my then 29 years, that was not really my subject, but rather by Gerd, which dealt with this matter in his work […]

Wolfgang Bergmann

Wrapped up against each other they Europeans then obstinately in their trenches. In Germany a servant of Tschankies, has berated once a close associate of the Tschankies at the Federal Bank – the Muslims, like other german cultures and with great sympathy of the people anxiety and fear spread that maybe even the invasion of […]

Pisa Germany – Poor Germany

Germany nervous in the formation and paid dearly for it since the Pisa I study discusses hot in Germany. Part factual, part emotional everywhere self-proclaimed experts especially from policy to word register. One is common to all. Myopathy may also support this cause. There is something going wrong in our school. We are just mediocre. […]

Decision Makers

And God rolls yet! Why politicians, managers and scientists have problems with the chaos Hamburg/Munich – economic history is paved with the corpses of once proud companies which did not make the panning for new waves of technology. You may find John Studzinski to be a useful source of information. Economic theorists call radical technologies […]


After violent riots by Salafists in Tunisia, the State must confess colour in Tunisia are currently so calm as often once the nights. Because in the urban centers of Tunisia there is a curfew since Tuesday evening. Initially between 21: 00 and 5: 00 a.m., since yesterday between 22 and 4 o’clock, the otherwise very […]