Survive Separation

Recently, I was an invited guest in the program "works of life." Theme of the program – "How to survive the separation." The program was a lot of talk about who is harder to tolerate separation – men or women, how to tell the child about that the parents separate, how can we explain the adolescent that the first failed love – this is not the end of life So were a lot of interesting, but the main thing was not reached. What do a person who is already experiencing this state. As in this one, heavy enough period to behave, what to do, what not to do and can I make sure that everybody was better. That's actually what I want to tell. So some very practical recommendations. That to do – if you broke up – it does not matter, you were the initiator or the initiative has been on the other hand, I can imagine that the experience will still be with them as you need to learn how to cope. The very first phase after parting loved ones – "emotional" crash. During this period, starting a doubt, anxiety and uncertainty about the right thing.

You may feel guilty, it may be fear of pain or deception, fear of new relationships. This period lasts up to 6 weeks if you are not going to delay the digging in his past and indulging in memories. What to do during this period? To get started, accept the fact of separation.