Supreme Peace

He must rise to the level where the decision making process. And even higher – the level of that precedes decision-making. There, where the comparison of existing and required under the order, and then issued a decision that is then converted into implementing powers, descends into our world and is embodied in matter. It all depends on the level at which a person perceives the world. Who included in the government perceives what is happening very differently. He knows what is the reason why the war and make peace, why there are riots, and why it ended the strike. For him the picture of the events completely different. Two or three hundred people in a certain way control everything happening in the world, but for the rest of these solutions simply realized.

But the Kabbalists say that the people must rise at least at the level of decision-making. Then he will see around not just in the form of what is happening in our world, but as a manifestation of the consequences of higher, spiritual forces. He will feel and see the level of those forces. And because there is no difference between the worlds. There is only levels of human adaptation to the universe. Even at the very universe is also no levels.

We can say that it is conventionally divided into certain stages, but in fact the person is calibrated it all their capabilities. The world itself is not me, I can only our perception. So our world is in Kabbalah is called 'lifeless' level. Because of the fact that people in this world will begin to comprehend the Upper world, themselves, that is, their bodies will not change. Will not change nor animals, nor plants or stones. Tiger will not graze with sheep, because nature is unchangeable. Attaining the Supreme Peace will not change and human welfare. After a lot of money or little – depends on the attitude of man. Changing your view of the world people can change their minds available to him the money, but the amount of money in the bank will not change. The world will remain in this world. He will continue to live by the same laws. But the movement of the world, his 'attitude' to us, of course same changes. If I am a positive element in the world, in the Upper world there is no reason to influence me negatively by what's happening in our world. In other words, matter itself is not functioning. Moreover – it does not exist. This we perceive her as our five senses. Although perceive it so we will always – in their structures matter will not change. More precisely, does not change our perception of it through our senses. After our five senses – the authority of a biological body. They are non-spiritual, 'dead', so called change. And through them to impact the spiritual level, of course, is in accordance with the level of the person, on which this effect and directed. Igor Dion