Step Up:

You should not always torment himself to take off a scenario in many bathrooms are gleichendes every year after Christmas and new year’s Eve: scary rises on the scale he/she and dares not to look. A few days ago, was it not even 5 pounds of less? Oh horror! Can it really be that we take to so over Christmas? About Johannes Biedermann, personal trainer and owner of the exclusive Studio for personal training step up in Munich: 5 kg weight gain over the Christmas holidays will be more body fat caused by hardly on 5 kg: 1 kg body fat is roughly 7000 kcal. 5 kg so 35,000 calories would be in addition to the normal daily requirement. There, some Christmas geese should be verdruckt to create. “But weight gain or not: A guilty conscience now also no longer helps.” Johannes Biedermann: It is important for the psyche out and back over the tracks to beat. You should deliberately such gourmet days and enjoy all without having a bad conscience. This gives strength for the implementation of the good projects in the new year! “Therefore the theme picking up at step up is considered also holistically: the motivation is a key element of the nutrition transition program.” And the motivation needed a refresher course just every now and again. Hardly anyone has to give the force forever on some treats.

Therefore we encourage our customers to forget just all rules on certain scheduled days and then to enjoy it. This gives the necessary energy for the next steps. “, so Johannes Biedermann.” Lose weight with consumption “would be the correct term for this approach. In this sense: Enjoy your Christmas cookies without remorse! (John Baker)