Spring Plants

There may be plant material no longer than 10-12 hours. During the gathering of wild plants is especially important keep several copies in the field. For example, if you collect the rhizomes and roots to the seeds ripen, the plant will not be able to multiply and disappear from this place. When collecting the stems can not pull the whole plant of soil, and need to cut off only the aerial parts of it. To preserve the natural field, collecting wild medicinal plants should be conducted periodically using a variety of areas.

When out of grass plants using only the underground organs (tubers, roots and rhizomes), aboveground portions of plants should be cut off and thrown out. When herbaceous plants of the need to take only the aerial parts, as already mentioned – advisable to cut it just do not pluck the whole plant. Flowers, leaves and fruits are picked one by one by hand or by using appropriate tools (scissors, knife, etc.) If the herb is stems of herbaceous plants, especially cultivated, they have to cut a scythe, sickle, or reaper. Time of the year to which you are gathering is of particular importance. In the plant are constantly taking place and the collection of biochemical processes should be carried out precisely at a time when it formed part of the most favorable pharmacological effect. To achieve this goal, you must observe certain rules. For example, the aerial parts (Flowers, leaves and all aerial parts) collected during the flowering plants, and underground organs (roots, rhizomes and tubers) – in the spring, when vegetation has not yet started or in the fall, when it comes to an end.