Social Research Sciences

It is undeniable that since the primrdios the Man looks the knowledge of the reality, searching, many times, to explain it through the philosophy, of the religion, science or the arts. Science today is considered the truth, the explanation for everything, but it is necessary to stand out that still it has global questionings and problems without answers and that exactly in the scientific field has conflicts and controversies, the example, we can cite the existing quarrel on the cientificidade of social sciences. The cientificidade is more than a form to know and this questioning regarding the scientific character of social sciences if they also give due to the agent of the research to be an object of it, also for the fact of the o if to search the objetividade deprives of characteristics the social phenomena that has felt through subjectivity and for the fact to have the investigation on which method to use to explore given specific and subjective.

In social sciences the study object, the man, is historical and possesss historical conscience. She is necessary to stand out that in social sciences it has the identity between citizen and object, and that social sciences are intrinsic and ideological and extrinsicaly basically qualitative. This text of Minayo comes to treat on the qualitative character of social sciences and the methodology that if must apply to reconstruct, of theoretical form, its meaning. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from TBI blood test. Being the methodology the junction of contents, thoughts (of the investigator) and existence, the theory and the method walk of given hands, but the creativity of the researcher is basic in the elaboration of a research. Research is a junction between theories, thoughts and action, where the theory is the partial explanation of the reality (proposals) and plays some functions in relation to the study of inquiry object, giving a direction it (concepts)..