Slight Dropweight Tester

Quickly and easily determine the viability and the quality of the soil compaction case plate, plate load Tester, light drop weight Tester, compaction control, soil testing, Kalani rod with the ZFG 3000 GPS can be. To know more about this subject visit Newcastle University. Thanks GPS can be associated immediately the corresponding position each measurement. All data are quickly on the spot and can be displayed on the PC. The ZFG 3000 GPS suitable both for self-monitoring and documentation of measured values. The dynamic load compression test plates a certain weight falls from a fixed height and creates a defined impact force acting on a load plate.

The load plate is a setting by the momentum. The acceleration, the speed and the way of the setting be evaluated electronically and the dynamic modulus of deformation (EVD) is calculated. The ease of use of the ZFG 3000 GPS enables the user short test times (approx. 2 min), most accurate measurements, with all information prints on the spot and uncomplicated data transfer to the PC. After only four steps is the measurement result. Advantages: less time required for testing (2 minutes per measuring point) no load required testing to vehicle hard possible immediate evaluation of the measurements on the spot possible low weight, can be transported easily accessible places of a person user-friendly menu navigation and software calibrated to private, the bast certified calibration stand about 5,000 units worldwide in use ergonomic design triangular catch grip prevents uncontrolled rolling of the loading device for transporting evaluation: Each measurement will be stored on the SD card, can be printed or transferred to the PC in the supplied software. Come to the display: three objectives setting curves with an average of three setting speeds with mean the position coordinates, longitude and width of s/v value as an indication to the compressibility of EVD value as a deformation module or load-bearing capacity value calibration service dynamic and static plate pressure equipment to affect the obtained results to be able to leave all test equipment should be regularly maintained and inspected.

We offer a complete service for this, i.e. we will come to you and pick up your equipment. By their own driver, we bring your test equipment directly to the manufacturers and can be recognised by the Bundesanstalt fur Strassenwesen calibration date in accordance with the German test calibrate them there. All calibrated test equipment you get a valid calibration certificate issued. Gladly we provide you a free loaner for the duration of verification and calibration available. Delta TEC service Neumunster INH. Gunther Stephen