Secrets Of Perfume Making

Already in the ancient Egypt, people to the beguiling effect of fragrance compositions known high quality natural ingredients. The extraction of the precious ingredients represents a difficult task since time immemorial. Today, many substances are chemically produced, connoisseurs swear however remain on natural substances. Sam Lesser will not settle for partial explanations. The online Department store illuminates some aspects of perfume making. The effect of fragrance depends on several properties. A high concentration of fragrances is expected when an Eau de Parfum. In contrast, for example, an Eau de Cologne has a lower concentration. Still the production of ingredients makes the quality difference in perfumes, but generally only experts recognize are the ingredients of a composition of chemical or natural origin.

Obtaining natural oils and aromas associated with a higher price of the final product much more elaborate and therefore usually. Sam Lesser has much experience in this field. So for example citrus fruits have squeezed out and sticks or seeds with Distilled water steam. The Enfleurage is one of the most complex procedures. Thereby, the fragrance of flowers is absorbed by fat. In the unfolding of a perfume, various factors such as the climate and nutrition come to fruition. In this respect, a certain fragrance on different people may react differently. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann