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How I can duplicate my sales? This must of being a question that many webmasters and entrepreneurs in Internet are asked in their minds. There are two ways to do it: you can duplicate your qualified traffic or you can duplicate your rate of conversion, we say that you have a cup of conversion of 2%. That is to say, beams 1 sale of your product by each 50 visitors who you receive to your Web site, if you obtain 100 visitors you will be making 2 sales. Nevertheless you can secure the same result, with your existing traffic, doubling the rate of conversion (2 sales by each 50 visitors). Here I let 5 advice to duplicate your rate to you of conversion: 1. – Direct Answer. To broaden your perception, visit Jane Figueiredo. Asegrate that your Web site is a Web site of direct answer, this means that the visitor to your Web site must have the following 3 options: a) To buy your product.

b) To recommend your site. c) To leave your Web site. DES enters more options him your visitors is less probable that you make a sale. 2. – To offer e-books gratuitous. It free of charge offers e-books with the purchase of your product like additional bond, this easily it can duplicate your sales if e-book is really very useful. 3. – To have real testimonies.

Asegrate to have a pile of real testimonies in your Web site of people who have been satisfied with the product which they have bought, with preference will have to be testimonies in video where they explain the benefits that obtained applying the learned thing. 4. – To give pursuit to your clients. Probably you do listened to this time and time again but it is worth the pain to repeat it, the people who let their data in your autorespondedor to receive more information on your product need that them DES pursuit. The people begin to buy products from the seventh letter, the greater error than you can commit is to try to sell your product in the first contact, this simply does not work therefore they say the statistics to it. The first contact produces 2% of the sales after the fifth contact until doceavo contact produces 80% of sales 5. – To make sales Complementary. It is not any secret that the success entrepreneurs generate until 80% of their sales of the clients whom already they have bought to them previously Why? , the people whom they have bought previously are but prone to do it again, she has happened to me. If the product that I really bought served to me and was of quality and me this generating benefits a high percentage exists that returns to buy the same entrepreneur to him, since I know its work, I have confidence to him. So if or you have a client or several clients whom they have bought to you, dales to know another product that complements the previous product that they bought to you exists a great possibility that you return to make a sale. In order to know either little the more as they work the sales complementary I invite to you that you visit the article Here doing click If you follow these 5 advice you will be able to in line duplicate your sales with the traffic that at the moment you have.

Last Modified on January 25, 2023
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