Roberto Emmanuele

How long was preparation the time? From 2008 until today. What were the most difficult for you in the implementation? The financing was the most difficult everything else was easy. What do you think? You believe that you will reach your goals.? This is a process, a further process, we must go further and decide and which ask whether we live according to best knowledge and dependent. Author and composer Randall of Hutchins works with the best singers, musicians and actors of the international music scene. “” He produced very best of black Gospel and others for the”, the musical gift” and worked as a musician in Starlight Express “with. In HOPE”, he combines a taste like aesthetically lovingly arranged mix of different styles in terms of pop, soul, Gospel, hip hop, and rock.

The diverse mix of catchy tunes carries the audience from the very beginning. Without a doubt, the songs have hit potential. Randall of Hutchins: what musical is your favorite musical? Story Draem Gerls is very good and very like me, I think the musical dream Gerls musical is really wonderful. The music and the scenes and the Tim. When did you get the idea for the musical? I met Roberto Emmanuele and his Idea impressed me I had the same idea and decided that I would develop that idea further along with Roberto Emmanuele. Has your political stance played a role in your decision? No, politically I am not interested. Do you follow a specific target? Yes, give hope to the people, positive thoughts, feelings and self aware to be hope for the better future.

A new zeitgeist gives new hope to people. Hope of Tim’s has special meaning for me. What were the major difficulties for you in the implementation? No problems, everything was easy, it was all inspiration, I wanted to give the people emotions, warmth, Warmlichkeit and hope.