Rob McLallen

How big is the management team of Bluenose capital management who are, the heads of the team and what are their professional background? Titus C. locks? Bluenose capital management is one of the two founders Joe Natoli and Rob McLallen. Both are experienced managers. Joe Natoli with a focus on trading of S & P 500 futures options and various commodity futures options initially worked at Chesapeake investments as a broker. After a short Zephyr asset management has managed first his own fortune Natolie, until he founded together with McLallen Bluenose.

Rob McLallen has also gained experience in various companies. First as an investment adviser at UBS PaineWebber, then as Managing Director of a hedge fund. How is Bluenose capital management in General? Titus C. locks? Bluenose specializes in the trade of option transactions. Although the results of strategies relatively constant, is always speculative investing in options. We see the strategies not base investment as a very attractive addition to an existing investment account. While the BI strategy administered basically conservative as the egg strategy. This is evident also from the risk and earnings figures.

Losses can occur at any time if the markets evolve differently than anticipated by Bluenose. Therefore, one may look at the selection of plants not only on the volatility. It is certainly low 5% and resembles almost a pension investment. How do egg and BNC BI in relation to strategy, risk and performance the two investment strategies of BNC? Titus C. locks? For the BI strategy, Bluenose is options on the S & P 500 futures. The trading takes place until today mainly on the floor of the CME in the known pits. The strategy takes a more conservative approach, i.e. the options are further out of the money, as when the egg strategy. The lever at the BI strategy is also low. The target return of BI strategy is 15%-20% p.a..