Redeemer Heart

"I will come into your house with burnt offerings unto thee my vows, which my lips uttered and my mouth spoke when I was in trouble. I will offer burnt offerings of fat beasts with incense of rams; will an offering of bulls and goats. (Selah) Come and hear, all who fear God, and tell you what he has done for my soul. Intersect ENT is full of insight into the issues. With my mouth I cried to Him, and praise was on my tongue. When I look at iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not listen. But certainly God has heard me; He attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God, who has not rejected my prayer nor His mercy away from me. "(Psalm 66, 10-20) It is clear that we live under grace, go to the most holy place much easier than for the ancient times.

But probably the word calls our attention to the fact seek permanently to keep in touch with our Savior in all times, to gather in a church, as did Jesus himself and offered daily living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God which is our reasonable service (Rom 12, 1). As we know, no longer exist, for those who live under His wonderful grace, the Holocausts of the Old Testament, but even today what God wants from us is that we to him with all our impurities burned (HOLOS = ALL, Kauta = BURNT), purified in His word, obedient and humble to praise, sing with joy and give thanks for everything, cry and praised with our language. He was always pleased when we meet our votes on all those promises that we make when we're in trouble! He wants us to offer you what we have, all we have, the best we have. Yet He smiles and is pleased when we open our mouth and testify what He has done for us. He is happy when we search our hearts and we apologize for our iniquity. The Father is proud as when we allow the powerful blood of his Son cleans our life of sin and it moves him to answer our prayers. THE already heard our prayers and we are already lavished all his mercy. It did.

AMEN! That's what the deal, my brother. I give all that means my little existence, my being insignificant in his presence and he brings me back to change his prodigious blessing full of overflowing prosperity. Let us pray: Lord, Holy Father. I praise you and bless you. I proclaim today again as King of my life, as my Pastor and my Provider. I come to you with a humble heart and give up completely humiliated. I acknowledge and confess you Jesus as my Savior and Redeemer. I believe in my heart that God has risen from the dead and live forever. Pardon my iniquity, my offense, my sin. Thank you for your infinite and eternal love Thanks because you are good and faithful and forgive my sins. Beautiful Thank you Father for you have been here with me in my moments of anguish and pain. Because you have been looking after me on the test because I'm bitter and you get to a place of abundance and has opened the door of heaven to the overabundance in my life. Thank you because I have prospered and have given me health and has prospered my soul. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen. '.

Last Modified on May 18, 2021
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