Psychologists help the patients to understand the functioning of its body, to understand the manifestations of its illness, to follow its treatment … ‘ ‘ (FIELDS, 1995, 101p.) The elimination of the elements that activate the nervous ways, the adoption of attitudes of confrontation of pain, the elimination of co-morbidades, thoughts or favorable beliefs, among others measured, is necessary and basic to attend the patients with pain. The medicines also are essential and allies of the whitewashing, therefore beyond making possible the control of pain and its repercussions, they facilitate the active participation of the sick people in the whitewashing programs. physical activities are perhaps one of the most important recommendations to treat and to revert symptoms and physical or psychological abnormalitys in sick people with chronic pain, therefore the program of handling of pain must guide the sick people how much to the harmful effect of the inactivity, clarify the importance and the benefit of the exercises how much to the increase of flexibility and the force, and how much to the improvement of the function of the locomotive device, the cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning and the body as a whole, therefore, frequently, throughout the time, many sick people with pain chronicle reduce the activities physics and prevent movements and exercises, of what gradual comprometimento of the physical conditioning results. The therapist must be responsible for the teaching of techniques of automanejo of pain and the sick person for the application of such techniques.

He concludes yourself, therefore, that chronic pain can be caused by a organic disfuno which had the clutters of the responsible system for the perception and/or of the inhibition of pain, also it can have in its origin a psychological cause to this process of – the psicognica name of pain. In this direction it is affirmed relevancy of the performance of the psychologist in the accompaniment of the picture of patients who suffer from chronic pain, beyond what we saw that the psychological reactions of the subject front to this situation can contribute to brighten up or to intensify the process of treatment and whitewashing. It is considered, however, that the form of treatment more adjusted the patients with chronic pain is the intervention of a team to multidiscipline that they enxerguem the patient as a whole, of a humanizada form. Chronic pain is a serious problem and deserves the attention of professionals of the area of the health for this to cause great damages the life of the patient, needing many times readjustment in the course of the life.

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