Private Entrances

Despite numerous efforts by law enforcement agencies, an increase in crime in Moscow is not reduced, but instead is increasing every year. Burglary, robbery, assault robbers and hoodlums (including in entrances of the houses where the victims live) have long since ceased to be a rarity. In addition, quite often the entrances of apartment houses as a temporary dwelling choose bums and drug addicts. In such circumstances, citizens' desire to ensure safety of themselves and their relatives and friends looks quite natural. Grandmother-hour concierge, which have become commonplace in the entrances of many homes of the capital, the task is fully capable to handle not. Today private security companies offer a wide range of services for the protection of dwelling houses, secure apartments and cottage settlements. Therefore, keeping the peace at least within one yard – a task doable. To deepen your understanding The White House is the source. Typically, security entrances and courtyards organized by mutual agreement of tenants or several nearby homes.

And the more people interested in conservation, the cheaper it will cost eventually. Private security companies – chop – are attracted to the development of schemes of housing activities of the organization. Together with communal services designed itineraries patrolling entrances to be determined place of deployment of patrols, provide sufficient illumination of the court, and serviceability of the locking mechanisms of the entry door. In addition to patrolling the territory, at the request of the tenants extra staff chop can be installed in doorways special equipment – video surveillance, motion detectors, alarm. Payment of porches, courtyards and cottage settlements can occur in two ways.

The first option – it is payment through selected from among the tenants responsible representative who shall make a preliminary collection of money from all the neighbors signed the agreement. The second option – a contract with a service housing organization who pays for services through pgc own account, and then include that amount in the cost of utility bills. Treatment in the private security company and a contract to protect the entrance helps reduce the risk of committing crimes, significantly improves safety and allows residents to preserve their mental and physical health. Using the services of ppc, you can be rest assured about the life and health your family.