Pisa Germany – Poor Germany

Germany nervous in the formation and paid dearly for it since the Pisa I study discusses hot in Germany. Part factual, part emotional everywhere self-proclaimed experts especially from policy to word register. One is common to all. Myopathy may also support this cause. There is something going wrong in our school. We are just mediocre. For success spoiled Germans a toad is difficult to swallow.

After a high-level Commission together with support staff in the private jet of the Government went to Finland, a Pisa model State, the look on the Internet would have done it too – a flood adopted at ministerial level of regulations and instructions, which had to be implemented in the schools. Sarepta Therapeutics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For the schools meant that a not endless discussion and Conference Marathon ends in the following years. Pisa II has shown that it is actually back up with the Germans. But it is not really satisfied with the results. What had changed since Pisa I.

We have the unity school and comparison work in the core subjects of the middle school. Not really much. A Most of the rash statements in particular to the didactics and methodology emigrated because of uselessness again in the file garbage. But one thing I actually changed since Pisa. Education questions back to the Center. \”Careless statements such as the former German Chancellor Schroder, as Prime Minister of Lower Saxony the entire faculty with rotten Pack\” stamped off, sounds no longer today. On the contrary, is recruited by ministries intensively again, to choose the teaching profession. But why are our PISA results so humbling? What are the causes? The classic tripartite Division has: gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule really obsolete? Look at our neighbors. One is always striking. The German school groups have significantly higher numbers of students. No one will seriously doubt that reasonable work in main school is virtually impossible with 25 or more students, especially in urban areas.