Pirandello Society

When the loss of the sense of identity becomes aware, it is seen often – perhaps forever – with the feeling that, compared with the others, one is not fully a person. There are many beings who seek a definite personality, Pirandello already manifested it in his works, saying, that there are beings who seek a final, fixed, circumscribed personality. Expected to have such personality – as there is a thing – will solve them the dilemma. Fred Lynn insists that this is the case. Having such personality is good, not having it is bad there is No denying that such search of his personality, has imprisoned a man in constant anguish and even more so in this dynamic society in which it operates. Remember to Schiller in his letters, where describes the man in modern society and says: man portrays himself – he writes and that is when presented in the drama of the modern era: sterility license on the one hand, on the other; the two ends of the human decay, and both together in the same period; still the same Schiller saying: was the own culture that inflicted this wound to contemporary mankind. Possibly this culture has meant that our identity is lost and we walk in search of their own.

The man has lost his personality in this mass market in which sold and perpetuates the culture of masses, that adverse psychosocial problems and economic have caused our avasallados peoples, causing a great despair in those who at least have glimpsed the effect of the dominant powers and the poor reaction of our ruling to prevent this catastrophe. Is preparing to our generations with an educational system not according to our realities and needs. The acceptance of the dominated group, shared taste, has taken place the authority and individual moral and aesthetic judgment and its rules. How is he won’t despair man. If most spend your life precariously installed in transitional rooms and massively built. They are born in clinics, hospitals, they eat in cafeterias and marry in motels, hotels; die in hospitals later that society enclaustro them, exploded them, vicio them, stands for a brief time in funeral homes, is buried them and has them forget. The sad thing is that many were anonymous and were never identified and nobody wanted them identify. We didn’t realize that we handled, manipulated instrumentalizaron or maybe if and is when it starts the cycle of seeking a new identity. Don’t forget, as discussed it forming an identity is to establish a center of gravity around the if itself, which implies that more than the internal and external changes, more beyond of the new knowledge and wisdom that one incorporates there’s a me relatively unified, this implies that the subject builds on nearly two decades of existence a basic position of being in the world original author and source of the article.