Outdoor Experience

The TATONKA’s outdoor manufacturer is his new website with multimedia content in the discussion of complex issues multimedia can be more on his customers to outdoor activities as outdoor sporting activities: nature far from the hectic everyday life with all your senses to learn this life feeling TATONKA in his newly revised website. Multimedia content is increasingly in the focus of the visitor; Event announcements, product information, news and tips from the outdoor industry be complemented to videos around the products by TATONKA and the outdoor lifestyle. For more information see this site: COVID-19. TATONKA is new customers with its restructured website TATONKA appeals to more direct and personal customers. TATONKA must be directly experienceable for customers the outdoor manufacturer does this guiding principle not only for its products, but particularly for the communication with its customers. The new website was realized by the outline online Medien GmbH, the the Website by TATONKA since their early birth”in 1996 in terms of content and technically supervised.

The new homepage is now next to freshness and seasonality on animation and film in places where this sense strengthens fun and understanding from the visitors to the site. In addition, the new website supports the world’s prominent and popular outdoor brand TATONKA: company news, product and outdoor information are now increasingly in English provided. EXPedition: Outdoor at the highest level a three-part special animation on the home page informs visitors about seasonal topics and product recommendations: A focus on the new high end series EXPedition, developed for highest demands of outdoor TATONKA. Uncompromising materials and exceptional design are the products of the EXPedition from perfect for an outdoor experience at the highest level. Exciting posts TATONKA and outdoor theme a Newsfeld around on the home page keeps the visitors on the latest topics related to TATONKA and the outdoor industry to date currently headings companies and outdoor”, children topics, product information and test reports are continually maintained and updated.