Optical System

Yes to all motorists and service wizards know why you want to correct installation of car wheels. Improper installation of a direct effect on the performance of the car. According to Cardiologist, who has experience with these questions. Increased wear tires as well as handling and safety . stage. "pioneer in the wheel business 'line is to check the camber angle or' rake with a plumb." Good eye, and a master of understanding how to 'expose and ride 'car, where and what to' tweak in suspension ', these are the skills which are sufficient to establish the correct' toe 'and normally ride a Russian cars on Russian roads. In this way until now with successfully used by both private owners for their 'worldly-wise' cars and a fleet, where it is simple and cheap remedy must always be under rukoy.Primerom can serve as a line of cpm to check camber angle, the proposed firms MOTEK-99 and tehnoopt.Ee advantages – simplicity, low cost, no additional equipment, no communications (electricity, Internet, etc.). Plus applicability in field conditions in a wide range of temperatures.

The disadvantages of this tool are: low accuracy and lack of opportunities to adjust other parameters koles. stupenVtorym level of optical benches are adjustable and installation of steering wheel (Ruuk) Collimator and lazernye.Snachala appeared collimator stands. The most famous is the optical bench for testing and adjusting the alignment SKO-1M Optical System – collimator with built-in it light source (bulb) designed to impart the beam of light rays as possible parallelism. Two two-coordinate of the target at which light rays enter (the forerunner 2D) provide an opportunity to spend measurement and adjustment as the 'collapse' and 'convergence' wheels. .