New Drug For Severe Hand Eczema

Quick healing process, studies show people with severe hand Dermatitis can now hope for help, reported the private insurance portal. A new drug promises effective healing. It is estimated that ten percent of all adults suffer from Germany hand eczema. In comparison, five to seven percent from a strong chronic disease are affected. The pharmaceutical company Basilea Pharmaceutica developed the medicine Toctino, which builds on the active ingredient pivotal as the basis for this particularly stubborn form of skin eczema. Two different studies in which a placebo group also took part, prove its effectiveness.

Even in patients who no longer responded to topical corticosteroids, a highly positive healing process could be diagnosed. The patients were divided into three groups, with the first daily was administered a dose of 30 milligrams of the drug, the members of the second group were ten milligrams per day, the participants of the third group received placebos. Is positive as well as the very good Rate of recovery of the rapid deployment of the effect to highlight. Shortly after the start of therapy outer phenomena such as blisters, itching and redness formed back. More than half of the patients no relapse occurred after completion of therapy. This only about one-third of the subjects who received a higher dose administered, were affected by six months.

At this, a second treatment cycle led to the desired result. In comparison to known standard therapy methods, this is a great success. The studies show that multiple treatment cycles are possible because of the habituation effect lack of. They are free of side effects and permanently compatible. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann