Nefrologia Stream

In this way, the objective is to identify the behavior of the nursing team during a cardiorrespiratria stop. Place of Study Is research was carried through in the medical and surgical clinic in a Hospital in the city of Cuiab (infirmaries, apartments and sutes), that it bes situated in 1, 2 and 3 to walk, being the patients of all etria band, with surgical the medical and clinical picture clinical. Inaugurated in the year of 1984, composed for 122 stream beds currently total one. Being: 42 stream beds of infirmaries, 32 apartments, 6 sutes, 7 stream beds UTI Neonatal and peditrico, and 35 adult stream beds UTI. A particular hospital of tertiary level, that takes care of patients with particular accord or, having assistance of: Anestesiologista, Angiology, maxilo-face Buco, clinical and surgical Cardiologia, Plastic Surgery, Clinical Generality, Clnica and Fertilizao, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Obstetricses, Hematology, Nefrologia, Neurology, Oftalmologia, Ortopedia and Traumatologia, Otorrinolaringologia, Pediatrics, Neonatologia, Pneumologia, Urologia and Vascular. In which it was delivers for the institution a craft for the authorization of the collection of data. Population/Sample the participants of the research had been 12 nurses and 70 nursing technician, of the turns matutino, vespertine and nocturnal, that give assistance in the medical and surgical clinic of the hospital.

The sample to answer the questionnaire had been 12 nurses and 35 nursing technician, being that technician had been chosen randomly by the nurse of the unit. The research was carried through with 47 participants, that is, 30% of the population that give assistance in the medical and surgical clinic in the cited hospital to the top, in the turns of 6 hours (matutino and vespertine period) and 12/36 hours (nocturnal period). Goal 1 – The signals and symptoms of a Stop Cardiorrespiratria In accordance with Murta (2007) the signals and symptoms of a cardiorrespiratria stop are: apnea, absence of pulse, cold skin, ciantica extremity and mydriasis.