Natural Resources

Regional law provides for three areas of support: subsidies for partial reimbursement of costs associated with production and exports, subsidies for the purchase of logging equipment produced in the province, as well as the deferment of rent. As additional measures applicable state guarantees and tax credits. Act applies only to the year 2009. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the total support of 648 million rubles. Currently, several companies such as oao Lesosibirsky ldk 1, jsc Novoeniseysky lhk, zao Krasnoyarsklesomaterialy llc, mlc "Yenisei" and "KODOK, llc Yenisei cbk has already received public assistance. A key condition for obtaining State aid – the company must operate at the province and produce. In addition, the company should not have salary debts and taxes, must not violate any immigration legislation. Another two critical conditions, recorded in the contract about state support – the company is obliged to keep a certain number of jobs and provide a certain amount of finished products.

Among other things, companies must working to improve their own expenses. This can be improved energy efficiency, productivity, reduce the use of working capital, materials, but in no case of enterprises can not be related to staff reductions. So, for example, "Siberia CB" previously engaged in export of round timber, and now the light of state begins to run the sawmill, creating new jobs. "Maklakovsky LDK" recently was on the verge of a shutdown. Having the means of state support, the company will not only save 924 jobs, but also to increase this year, production of sawn from 42 to 75 thousand cubic meters per year.