Multiple Intelligences

Holistic education handles some basic principles for their development, these are part of the holistic curriculum that is: – transdisciplinary – Principle of integrity – Recover vital relationships – Inquiry into its origin – Epistemological Pluralism – Different types of learning – Multiple Intelligences – Flexible – prepares for life and throughout life – Sets the optimum conditions for spiritual growth – promotes a sustainable society – is based on multilevel model – multidimensionality. The holistic curriculum enables us to discern the false and true, with the support the vision of learning communities. Taking into account the fundamentals of holistic education and put them into practice is the only solution that is viable at this time, for humanity to solve the problems that currently live at world. Learning communities. With a holistic vision of learning communities can integrate with the view that the planet is a multidimensional whole, is an integrated whole. Click cancer research for additional related pages. Learning communities are based on three main principles: – Collaboration. For even more opinions, read materials from PIMCO. Working together to achieve common goals. – Learning how to learn.

Learning should be applied. – Community. Form a unity within diversity. The change from a scientific education based on what we call mechanical, more human to call holistic education is being currently implemented worldwide, but with great force in Mexico, thanks to the unconditional support of Dr.