Montego Bay

On any of the resorts are waiting for you a variety of entertainment: sightseeing, caving, diving, boat trips. Best time to visit – from December to April, temperatures average +29-30 C, water +26-27 C. Air Jamaica t t +27 C +27 C Water Road: plane about 15 hours (from Moscow). 'Spa capital' of the island is Montego Bay, for lovers more solitary leisure suit Resort Ocho Rios, located among the fishing villages and picturesque coves. From May to October – rainy season. This is usually short-lived tropical storms, although there are in these months and tropical storms, so that it is better to go to Jamaica in the period from February to May. In April! Bahamas Air t +27 C +20 C t Water Road: plane about 13 hours (from Moscow). Most 'rave' of the islands – Grand Bahama.

There is everything for the active recreation: tennis, golf, diving centers. Air temperature from November to April +25-27 C. May – June and September – October – the rainy season. Main 'attraction' of the archipelago – the most beautiful coral reefs. Egypt t Air +28 C +23 C t water the Road: about 4 hours by plane (from Moscow). Best time to visit this country – spring and autumn. During the summer months it is worth wasting the heat, and winter are strong sandstorms. In the Red Sea does not fall into any of River, so water is clean and very warm (not lower than +18 C in winter). Enjoy the underwater flora and fauna can be round.