Mehrgeschosshaus Wood

Network ZimmerMeisterHaus multi-storey timber construction on the rise brings wood was used as a building material so far especially in single – and two-family dwellings. Now it uses the ecological and economic benefits of the natural building material also in multi floor residential buildings: pioneer are the carpenters ‘ workshops of the ZimmerMeisterHaus network, which currently develop the trend in Germany with the highest quality and outstanding speed. The Switzerland – set above all almost 20 years on the multi-storey timber construction, asserting itself increasingly well in Germany our neighbouring countries. Modern wood construction technology sets new standards paving experts from Zimmermeisterhaus the way of new timber construction with sophisticated innovation: you prefer a composite construction of wood frame construction wall elements and concrete composite ceilings, which derive the main burden, resulting in a completely insensitive to the legislative structure. The fire of this construction complies high fire protection the legislator’s exemplary. It produces the large construction elements quickly and flexibly in the workshop that is within 3 weeks the weatherproof building envelope for a 15-families home and begins the expansion. Eliminates drying times such as during the construction of the wet. Updates prime example is a storey wood building in Germany near Ulm, close to the centre built on the site of the Zeppelin. The Zimmermeisterhaus factory of GAPP from opfingen built the wooden building with 15 two-to four-bedroom apartments within three weeks. The experienced planning team Pirmin Jung Germany was entrusted with the planning for structural, building physics, noise and fire protection. The residential building energy standard KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 40 and scores with flexible floor plans and large, South-facing glass surfaces. The load-bearing structure of the building is % 90% wood. A bearing skeleton of wood – planked with wood-based panels – provides stability. The natural building material has been carefully combined with complementary construction materials: balconies and porticoes are optimized with reinforced concrete prefabricated parts, the staircase core made of reinforced concrete.