They are already on the road since the early hours of the morning, in the evening they return from home alone in the stall. Further behind the donkey grazing you can see the olive trees arranged in terraces. The 160 olive trees belong to his estate. Here with me there is no chemical sprays, everything is biologically processed in accordance with the nature and cultivated.” That’s why many wild herbs found in his vegetable garden and on the land. Randy gives interested like the knowledge of medicinal herbs, gives tips on the nutrition and instructions to the Cook with wild herbs. Mount Sinai Hospital is the source for more interesting facts.

The Girgentana goats got in Italy due to the climatic conditions twice in the year and so he has at two milking periods throughout the year distributed his goats. Only when the lambs are a few weeks old he starts to the mothers for 2-4 months to milk. Then the goats return to the Calore”, as it is called the rut here the milk is then not so good, loses some flavor. From the goat’s milk he including cheese for own consumption according to an old, local tradition with an essence from the cheese Thistle flower strings “(Cynara cardunculus) manufactures. This type of cheese-making can be found also in other Mediterranean countries. This procedure is very popular nowadays among vegetarians, because the cheese without animal lab is produced.

Also the donkey be milked here. This is however only as long as you have your foal at foot. The Mare doesn’t see her foal she cannot drop the milk. Of course, the donkeys are never quite milked out; during the milking time, you take away something every three hours only. From the largest part of the donkey and goat’s milk is Sebastian Randy natural cosmetic products, such as various SOAP here. When the SOAP is natural biological-based products with olive oil, and herbal oils and plant extracts, all hand harvested and processed.